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About Me

A Passion for Events

Jenny's event's

Since the beginning, I’ve focused on channeling my talent and creativity into meaningful and powerful results.  I started to become addicted to producing more and more powerful results when I started to witness the joy it brought to my family and friends during their special events. 

This powerful joy is the reason I decided to start my small business, Jenny’s Creative Events.
My family and I have lived in Northport, AL for almost six years.  I’ve been involved in my kid’s school events and multiple parties that my friends have asked me to help with.  

My husband and three amazing children helped paved the way for me to think outside of the normal and look deeper into creative and unique ways where I can help make an event that everyone can enjoy.

I take pride in the work I do, as well as the strong relationships I’ve built with clients and colleagues. I firmly believe in working hard, working together and having fun along the way. It is all about communicating whatever thought or idea you might have and me helping shape it into a wonderful event.  
If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work, simply reach out.

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